Some Major States on Adolescent Betting

Let's do a quick look at the present underage gambling laws in some major parts of the United States.

In New York, there's a popular Indian Casino that deals mainly with table games eliminating all other gaming types like slotting. Charities are mostly in charge of the games. However, there seems to be no specific ruling on age limits. We can probably assume the age limit applied to other gambling games as applicable to these table-games casinos.

With Lottery, New York prohibits the direct involvement of people below 18 years. They may receive tickets as gifts from adults and collect winnings should their tickets hit them. With track and off-track gaming betting is not allowed to those under 18, even to those who look like they're not 18 or more. However, this gives way for operators to claim they sold tickets to minors who "looked 18 or more." With bingo, minors under 18 years are bared from joining or conducting the same.

Let's look at Texas. For Lottery no tickets should be offered or sold to those under 18. But those 18 years old or more may present Lottery tickets as gifts even to the underage. Texas racing laws are more interesting. They define the underage in two ways—a child and a minor. When we're below 16 we're mere children. When we're below 21 but over 16 then we're minors.

Minors cannot bet in races and children cannot be in the viewing section of a race venue unless with an adult. There's a penalty for intentional underage gambling and another for merely being negligent. But with bingo, any person below 18 is automatically barred from any participation, unless accompanied by an adult. Other underage gambling laws are based on the nature of their licenses.

In Washington, the capital, there's a unique video Lottery played like slots machines allowed tribes living in the capital. There are also video bingo games available. But those under 18 are not allowed to play them although Lottery tickets may be given as gifts to minors.

Aside from casinos run by Indians Washington also permits cardrooms for blackjack and poker. But minors are not allowed to wager real money in any way, except when playing play money. Bingo games prohibit youngsters under 18 from participating. But with bingo games in school or agricultural fairs kids may join the game.

Thus, underage gambling laws in some major parts of the US are a bit relaxed and allow certain concessions.