Allowable Gambling Ages in Canada and Australia

Outside the US, particularly in Canada and Australia, the age limit for gambling almost always is set at 18 or 19. The same in Europe. Here are some of salient points of Canada's and Australia's gambling age laws.

When in Nova Scotia, Canada, young people from ages 18 and below are not allowed to participate in any gambling activity. They are not allowed inside gambling places and will be penalized when caught. In Ontario, the age limit for gambling is also 19 years and above. People 18 years and below are not allowed any participation in gambling.

Ontario also prohibits underage people from being seen inside casinos, regardless of who they're with—whether escorted by adults or parents. They are not allowed to work there either, unless they're exactly 18, at least. And Ontario laws on age limits are particular against advertising or promoting gambling to people under 19 years of age.

Some online casinos beguile players to first try their play money games where risks are not real. Later on, however, these casinos challenge or "promote" upgrading of game level to eventually involve real money. This promotion is not allowed for the underage. In Quebec, the same age limit is observed. No one below 18 is allowed to even enter a casino. The same with Lottery or any gaming involving the purchase of tickets with a money stake.

Gambling age laws in Australia mostly peg age limit to 18 years. Like in Queensland, people under 18 are not allowed entry to any casino. In Tasmania, minors are described as those under the age of 18. Any kind of gambling in any place is illegal for them. In fact, some casinos in Tasmania have voluntarily disallowed minors from being seen inside main gambling areas. They are, however, allowed in other minor non-gambling areas of the casino as long as they're accompanied by an adult.

In Victoria, people under 18 are also not allowed to gamble or enter any casino. At age 18 or 19 it is believed that most people already have the maturity to handle themselves well at gambling. Betting in brick or mortar venues is viewed more capable of being monitored and regulated compared to online gambling. Hence, gambling age laws in Canada and Australia set age limit at an early age.

What needs closer monitoring and regulating then, is online gambling. Industrialized countries, like Canada and Australia, with easier access to the Internet, seem in a stalemate regarding this issue.