European Gambling Policies for the Young

Here are different gambling age limits in some European countries. Let's check them out before we do any wagering in these countries. Enjoy the tour!

First stop is France. Here as long as we're 18 or above, we may engage in gambling. The age limit used to be 21 but was changed in 1987. This reminds us of the Bahamas age limit ruling for gambling—first it was 21 then it was lowered to 18. The same has happened in 12 German states where the legal gambling age has been lowered from 21 to 18.

Portugal is not to be left behind, though having a unique policy on underage gambling: With tourists it's 18 years old and up. But with Portugal constituents it's 21 and up. Some Portuguese casinos even have it at 25 years and up. It is observed that most countries, unlike the US, are more consistent with their gambling laws on minors.

Most European countries think that maturity needed for gambling comes early in life for their young people. This is similar with what Canada sees as the legal age for gambling—as early as 18 to 19 years old. US states often have 21. If we try England's gambling age limits, it believes 16 year-old youths are old enough for Lottery. Belgium treats casinos as some sort of private social clubs where membership is required and limited to those 21 years old and above.

Bulgaria used to limit their casino players to non-communist guests alone. Since 1990, however, it opened casinos to its public at the height of democratization but with an age limit of 18 years old and above. Denmark wants its gamblers in casinos also to be at least 18. So does Finland. Casino-style gaming here offers slots in eateries and bars, low stakes card games found in metropolitan arcades, among others.

In Greece, were many gambling games are said to have originated, the age policy for gambling is pegged at 23 years and above. We are not allowed to enter any casino or gambling venue if we're below 23. In Spain, a seat of a world renown religion, minors 18 and below are strictly prohibited from even entering gambling venues of any kind. New Zealand does not allow us to enter any gambling place unless we're 20 years old and up.

Gambling age limits in some European countries vary from each other. But most of them prefer to have gamblers from age 18 and up.