The Gambling Age Limit in Some American States

Here are interesting facts about setting the age limit for gambling in some American states.

Alabama law considers it a crime or offense for an adult to bring a kid or teen along to gamble. The underage should not be seen anywhere in a gambling venue even if assisted by an adult. The adult responsible for taking such child or teenager to a gambling venue would be penalized.

However, with bingo, the state is more tolerant. Non-profit bingo games are allowed with the age limit set at 19 years old and above. Young people below 19 years old are allowed on the bingo premise escorted by an adult. Proceeds from the non-profit bingo go to educational or charitable purposes.

In Alaska, casinos in cruise ships are allowed in Alaskan ports on stop-over journeys of international vessels. Slot machines are also allowed in the state provided the player is at least 18 years old or above. Slot machines and other coin gaming devices should be 100 yards away from any school premise. With bingo the age limit is 19. With pull-tabs the allowable age is 21 years old up.

Arizona seems to be the most seriousówith its comprehensive lawsówhen it comes to age limit for gambling, which it has set to 21 years old. This covers all kinds of gambling bets, regardless of the nature. With Lottery the age limit is 18 years old. It is illegal to sell Lottery tickets to young people under 18. The same goes with awarding Lottery winnings to those below 18 or even sharing the same with them.

Arkansas is strict with its legal age for horse racing. No person below 18 years old should be participating in it. With dog-racing, minors are not allowed even to be employed in such gambling facility. California does not allow persons below 18 to take part in Lottery. It is a crime to sell tickets to them.

With casinos, California has relegated the business monopoly to Indian tribes. They have the right to set the age limit in their casinos. The usual practice is that people 18 years old and up are allowed to gamble in Indian casinos. If the casinos serve liquor the age limit is 21.

The age limit for gambling for each state in the US differs according to their perception of the matter. Some may allow gambling at a certain age for a certain gambling game that it sees tolerable under certain circumstances.