Other Unreasonable Reasons for Gambling

Juvenile reasons for gambling are a dime a dozen. They can come up with a lot of excuses so they could be allowed to gamble despite the age limit for gambling. Here are some of them.

The age limit when it comes to gambling is often 21 years old. But some young people would gamble even if not yet 21 and reason that their 21st birthday is just months or weeks away. They would even substantiate this by bringing their birth certificates along so that when apprehended in a casino they could readily show proof.

The law is specific about age limits. When it says that it is 21 or 18 the gambling player should be at least 21 or 18 years old or higher—not lower or even near the age limit. Not even if we're just days away from the specified age limit. If caught we can be forced out of the casino or worse even be imprisoned.

Some even make gambling as a way of easing the gravity of a problem or celebrating an occasion. Under age persons may gamble in casinos on pretension of taking a break from problems on marriage, divorce, or family matters. Or they may gamble in the guise of celebrating their birthdays or wedding, or wedding anniversary.

Some teenagers may pretend to be new in the area and make up stories that they're not aware of gambling laws in the locality or that to guys their age gambling is permitted in the place where they come from. This won't do. Federal law alone applies to the specific locality where it reigns.

Some may invoke their rights as heir of a rich clan or a son or daughter of the president of a certain country or prince or princess of a kingdom far away. The age limit for gambling applies to all people of any clan, race, creed, religion, nation, or planet. It doesn't matter if we're the next Jedi in the family line of Dart Vader.

Nor will it matter if we're dying and won't reach the age of 21 ever and gambling in a casino is our last dying wish. We're most likely to leave this life without ever tasting what it's like to gamble in a real casino.

Juvenile reasons for gambling cannot circumvent the law on age limit for gambling. So it's better to just enjoy the games at home with the family while we wait for our 21st year.