Nevada State on Lawful Gambling Age

What does Nevada, a foremost gambling state in the US, say about their gambling age limit?

Persons below 21 years old are not allowed to gamble in any casino. Nevada law is even stricter with kids—they are not allowed to be in casinos even if they're not gambling. Gambling parents or any gambling adult should not be in casinos in company with their kids.

Some adults travel to Nevada with their families and book in hotels with casinos. They may think of dropping by the casino to take some pictures together with their families. This is not allowed under Nevada laws. It's either they leave them in a nearby kids' amusement center or day care center—if any—or never enter the casino at all.

Young adults 21 years old and up with spouses 18 to 20 years old are not allowed to gamble in a casino with said spouses. They cannot have a drink there together even if they don't intend to gamble. They should not enter any casino together. It's either the under-age wife goes shopping elsewhere for a while as the husband tries some gambling or they avoid the casino altogether.

A gambling age limit is set to ensure that the under age are not exposed to the lures of gambling at an early age when they are yet immature and susceptible to abuse and addiction. But many sectors note that many people mature in age are actually immature in thinking so that they fall victim to self-abuse and gambling addiction.

Some sectors, on the other hand, feel that the age limit, 21 years old, ought to be higher so that the mental maturity of gamblers is more stable. Others feel the age limit is too high and should be lowered to 18 years old. Many teens are actually already exposed to online gambling and making this illegal just gives them a stigma that might only affect their minds in a negative way. Making them used to doing something that the law has illegalized may aggravate their inclination to and familiarity with illegal activities.

However, some say the bid to lower the age limit is merely a ploy of casino owners to increase their patrons and hence their profits. But serious thinking should be given this issue.

Gambling age limit is not a solution to check rampant gambling among youths when online gambling makes it available to them 24 hours daily. Educating them on disciplined gambling is better.